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Register for an RSA Online Account Help Page

IMPORTANT:   While in the online system, do NOT use your browser’s BACK or FORWARD buttons or the ENTER key on your keyboard.  Always use the navigation buttons that are usually found at the bottom of the pages.   To close this help page, click the "X" in the top right corner of your screen.

1.    Click the register now buttonbutton or the register link link under “First Time User?” on the Login page of the Member Online Services system to register for an account. 

 first time user

2.    Complete the information below and then click the continue button button.

create online account

Your PID is a personal identification number assigned to your RSA account(s).   For TRS members with PEEHIP insurance, it is the last eight-digits of your contract number on your insurance card (exclude the leading zero).   All new RSA members will automatically be mailed a PID Letter upon the creation of an RSA account.  All other TRS/ERS/JRF members should request a PID number online through the RSA's PID request system by clicking the "Need a PID? (Request a PID Letter)" link from the Member Online Services login page.  RSA will mail the PID Letter to you at your mailing address we have on file.  Once a member obtains their PID, they may register for RSA Member Online Services.

3.    Complete the required fields shown below and then click the continue button button.  Each field is explained in steps a - g below.

 form fields

a.    create user id Create your own User ID which can be between 7 – 20 characters in length.  Your User ID must not contain any special characters such as !, @, #, &, etc..  NOTE: Your User ID is not case sensitive.

b.    create password Create your own Password which can be between 8 – 20 characters in length.  Your password must contain at least one lowercase and one uppercase letter, and at least one number and one special character is required.  Examples of special characters:  !, @, #, $, etc.  NOTE:  Your Password is case sensitive.

c.    confirm password Enter your Password again.

d.    email address Enter your email address.  NOTE:  The Member Online Services system will use your email address to send an email notification to you when you have successfully registered for a new account.  Any other email notifications generated by your actions will be sent to the email address you provide. 

e.    secret question Select a secret question from the drop box by clicking the blue arrow, then click your question so that it displays in the drop box window as follows pet name  

f.     secret answer Enter your answer to the question you selected.

g.    confirm answer Enter your answer again.

4.    After clicking the continue button button, a message will display on the Home Page confirming that you have registered successfully. successful registration   You will also receive an email confirming that your registration was successful.

5.    Use the links in the menus to the left of the Home Page to navigate the application.



Keep the User ID and Password that you selected.  You will need these each time you login to the Member Online Services system.  Do NOT give your confidential User ID and Password to others.

Keep your Secret Question and Answer for future reference. You will need these in the event you forget either your User ID or Password.  Do NOT give your confidential Secret Question or Secret Answer to others.

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