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Confirmation – Open Enrollment Help Page

IMPORTANT:   While in the online system, do NOT use your browser’s BACK or FORWARD buttons or the ENTER key on your keyboard.  Always use the navigation buttons that are usually found at the bottom of the pages.   To close this help page, click the "X" in the top right corner of your screen.

·         Your “Confirmation – Open Enrollment” page confirms that your open enrollment changes and/or enrollments were successfully saved and submitted to PEEHIP.  Your Confirmation page also provides the following:

  • Date and Time Stamp of when the member’s transactions were submitted to PEEHIP
  • Copy of any change(s) and/or new enrollment(s) requested during the online session.  NOTE:  This information may differ from the “actual” PEEHIP coverage(s) allowed as some coverage(s) requested by the member during the online session may not have been approved.
  • Copy of all of the member’s actual PEEHIP Coverage(s), including any change(s) and/or new enrollment(s) requested and approved during the online session.
  • Premium Calculation of the member’s total monthly out-of-pocket premium.
  • Pending Coverage on a dependent(s).  NOTE:  An asterisk next to a dependent’s name indicates that coverage is in “pending” status and the dependent does not have coverage.  The PEEHIP office is waiting on the requested documentation before coverage can be processed on the dependent(s).
  • Note:  Any Social Security Numbers and Dates of Birth are masked on the Confirmation page for confidentiality and security purposes.


·         Click print button to print a copy of the Confirmation page for your records.  You must have Adobe Reader software to view and/or print the Confirmation page.  This software can be downloaded free of charge from the Adobe web site.

You are finished!  It’s that easy!  Your Open Enrollment elections will have an effective date of October 1.

IMPORTANT:  You MUST receive a CONFIRMATION PAGE to confirm that your enrollment and/or change requests have been successfully saved and submitted to PEEHIP. You will receive a Confirmation page after you click the “Submit” button from the “Verify Open Enrollment” page. Keep a copy of the Confirmation page for your records. If you do not receive a Confirmation page, you have not successfully submitted your enrollment and/or change requests.

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